If you are searching for a credible and authoritative blog site that focuses on the arts, music, sports with special emphasis on soccer and the happenings of society at large, http://www.abodaq.org should be your first choice. It is not an easy task to bring to our readers news, information and even trivia on such a wide range of subjects and to cater to all levels of interests. But our dedicated band of bloggers and researchers work tirelessly to cover as many aspects of these niches as possible so that those who are not very conversant too on these subjects will have ample scope to establish interest in these areas.

Here is a snapshot of what can be expected from our blog site. On the arts/music front we delve into the history of art and its many manifestations, from visual arts to performing arts to decorative arts to advertising. We will bring updates on the earth shattering auctions in major auction houses of priceless pieces of art as well as art works of upcoming artists just finding their feet.

This will be one of our primary goals – to nurture and encourage young talent.  The same goes for our music section where we will introduce to our readers young artists that are breaking into the top 10 of the music world. Browse our site too for the latest happenings, exhibitions and concerts from the art and music global events.

On the sports front we cover major soccer events, league and Championship Cup games from around the world. This includes American soccer, English Premier League, European leagues such as Spanish La Liga, German Bundesliga and Italian Serie A. Fixtures, Points tally and upcoming games will all be a part of our site.

However, we do understand that these topics are huge and justice to them cannot be done by us alone. This is one reason why we invite blogs from those who are interested in these subjects and can contribute meaningfully to our site. The choice of topic is unlimited so long as it is relevant to the niches we focus on. Writers can be experts in the field or simple citizens wanting to share their experience of an exhibition or concert.

Our only stipulation is that all submitted blogs should have original content and unpublished. We will inform by email once they are posted on our site.